03/05/2015       Emmaus New Treasurer

The new Treasurer for Southside Emmaus is Paul Roodhuyzen.

03/05/2015       Application Questions??

. If questions arise regarding Team/Pilgrim Applications or Sponsorship the
Community Registrar can be contacted at:

Phyllis Cavan, Southside Virginia Emmaus Community Registrar, 3334 Country Club Road, Lacrosse, VA 23950
Phone: Email: info@southsideemmaus.org

02/25/2015       Women's Wak # 94

WHEN: May 28 - 31, 2015

WHERE: VUMAC in Blackstone, Virginia
LAY DIRECTOR: Louisa Lackey
THEME: Nail It To The Cross
SCRIPTURE: 1 John 1:9
WALK SONG: Nail It To The Cross

Accepting Pilgrim Applications!!

02/25/2015       Men's Walk # 93

April 9 12, 2015

Theme: - \" Children of God \"
Scripture: - Galatians 3: 26 27
Song: Children of God; by Third Day

Mike Forte - Lay Director
Cale Wood - Assistant Lay Director
Chris Pearce - Assistant Lay Director
Bob Farmer - Assistant Lay Director
Mark Davis - Spiritual Director
Carl Bagley - Assistant Spiritual Director
Woody Wood - Assistant Spiritual Director
James Pohlman - Board Representative

Al Clary
Allen Taylor
Chuck Lifsey, Jr.
Davie Overton
Glenn Teal
Jerry Drinkard
John Watson
Paul Roodhuyzen
Ray Strawbridge
Ronald Metts
Tommy Land
Slip Slippy

Accepting Pilgrim Applications

03/30/2014       Walk Fees

Current fees are:

Pilgrim: $50
Sponsor: $175
Team: $200